The Groomsman With The Most Liquor Flasks Wins.

Selecting who will be in your groomsmen party takes a lot of thought and consideration.This can be a dilemma if you have more friends or family you wanted to include than the number of groomsmen you can actually have. Unfortunately, some of your friends or family will not be able to be included as part of the wedding party. After the groomsmen party has been chosen, the next task is much easier. As a token of your gratitude, gifts are given to your groomsmen.

Because there are so many gifts to choose from, it can become confusing on which gift to give your buddies. A good way to start is by figuring out how much you want to spend. Many couples have to work with a lower budget. There are many nice, high quality gifts that can be found. For about $30, you can buy nice gifts for your groomsmen. Liquor flasks make awesome gifts for guys and perfect groomsmen gifts.  High quality flasks can run about $20-$50, thereby allowing you to keep within your budget.

During the 18th century, liquor flasks began to appear. The well-bred and well-born were among the first users.  When they were traveling, flasks were convenient to carry while on horseback. The Prohibition period saw more flasks than ever, as it was illegal to produce and consume alcohol.To avoid detection, citizens became very good at hiding their flasks so they could enjoy a drink. Remember the bootleggers? The term came about because liquor flasks could be easily hidden in knee-high boots. Obviously, alcohol today is no longer illegal, but guys still like to bring their flasks with them to special outings in case their favorite libation is not available.

Once you’ve made your decision to go with flasks, you need to have them personalized. Don’t worry about coming up with some beautiful saying to engrave it with. Have the flask engraved with their monogrammed initials. Many grooms will just personalize the flasks with the names, or nicknames, and wedding date. This way, they will never forget your wedding anniversary.

Decide next whether to get them all the same one’s or all different. If you decide to get each groomsman a different style, keep in mind their individual personalities. Stainless steel flasks are the most popular variety. They are extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Do you have any worldly groomsmen? The Manhattan Round Oxford flask would be a good match.  A cell phone flask would be perfect for your buddy that can never put down his cell phone. If you get stuck on a particular groomsman that you can’t decide which flask to get him, a black or brown leather flask or stainless steel flasks are classics that anyone would be happy to get as a gift.

All guys seem to love liquor flasks, especially as a present. Does “Nice flask! Who gave that to you?” sound familiar? For some reason, personalized flasks are always a well liked gift. Give your groomsmen personalized liquor flasks to thank them and save yourself a headache. Not only will your friends really like their gift, you will stay within your budget.

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